Daniel Lee

Daniel is the founder and CTO of Generable. Generable is the company behind Stan, the leading open source modeling tool for Bayesian inference with Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling. Prior to Generable, Daniel was a research scientist in the Statistics Department at Columbia University. He received his master's from Cambridge University and his bachelor's from MIT in both computer science and mathematics.

Ricardo Silva

Ricardo Silva is a professor of statistical machine learning and data science at University College London. He is a specialist in machine learning and in computational approaches for causal inference. He is also a Fellow at the Turing Institute, which is the UK's national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. Ricardo received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon in the newly formed machine learning department.

Marcus Alexander

Marcus is a research scientist at Yale University's Human Nature Lab. He specializes in advanced predictive network models. He received his PhD from Harvard University in applied statistical models for health and social sciences. He also received his MPhil from Oxford University and a BA from Yale University.

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