Case study

The business case for applying artificial intelligence in operations

$1 Trillion AUM Asset manager

The Request

The leaders of a major global asset manager planned to double the number of funds the operations team supports without adding headcount. They chose OnCorps, over their current service provider and competing tech firms, for two reasons. First, OnCorps offered a fully-integrated AI platform that taps data from older systems, learns from data and behaviors, and alters workflows. Second, OnCorps could customize solutions rapidly and offer high-end AI and technology support for the price of a simple subscription.

The Solution

Over 2 years, OnCorps has successfully configured, deployed, and supported multiple processes with fully-customized AI. The AI solutions range from sophisticated strategic forecasting and scenario modeling to simple oversight and confirmation systems. These include:

Forecasting modeling and prediction systems

Oversight of accounting transactions including payments and currency hedging

Financial statement AI scanning and reconciling with accounting systems

OnCorps maintains a global master services agreement with a scoring method to price new system requests based on complexity and level of required support. 

the results

An external consulting review gave the firm high marks for the quality of its AI operations. Results from the first systems implemented prompted the firm’s group CEO to request a full review of all corporate functions for potential OnCorps AI support. A summary of the benefits include:

Faster cycle times to introduce AI in production
Reduced ad-hoc service provider fees
Reduced labor hours devoted to manual tasks
Reduced risk exposure
Fully traceable workflows, improving root cause analysis
Increased time spent by internal experts on more critical tasks
No external consulting for customization or process analysis
Comprehensive audit trail across all operational processes

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