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The CPQ solution for $1B+ services organizations

Pi - Pricing Intelligence

Professional services organizations need a different kind of Configure-Price-Quote tool. Today’s CPQ tools are built for products, with services modules left as an afterthought.

The team at OnCorps built Pi from the ground up for global consulting and services teams who aspire to unlock speed and confidence in winning new engagements. Pi integrates with Salesforce CRM to accelerate profitable growth and provides real-time margin visibility to finance & pricing leaders.

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Pricing & Quoting Challenges in Services

Spreadsheets with errors and stale data
Proposal cycle times of days or weeks
Individual discretion driving pricing and margin variances
Account managers and Finance managers do not share forecasts or real-time metrics
Siloed proposal workflows and valuable data not captured in CRM
Built for product quoting and lacking MSA:SoW hierarchy for services
Oriented to standard prices and discounts instead of margin thresholds
Simplistic configuration of staffing without skills and experience parameters
Circumvented by users due to inflexibility and poor design

How Pi is Different


Configure complex engagements and client-facing quotes in minutes


Loved by your sales organization for speed, ease, and CRM sync


Auto-approvals, deal forecasting, and business logic tailored to your services workflow


Centralized controls, data, communication and dashboards for sales & finance leadership


Allows practice leaders to compare pricing and margin across projects, teams, segments, and time periods

Key Features

Explore the tabs below to learn how Pi enables practice leaders and pricing managers to transform proposal workflows
Build quotes seamlessly from drop-down Rate Cards that align with the Client MSA
Robust configuration of labor costs and pricing levels according to skills, experience, market dynamics, geography, and currency
Hours-per-day, days-per-week, currency/FX, and dozens of other parameters configurable at MSA and Quote levels
Decision guidance: auto-approval functions nudge users to adopt optimal pricing practices within margin targets 
Time & Materials, Fixed Price, and other customized pricing arrangements
Intelligent market-driven pricing by skill and geography according to competition parameters
Create customizable client-facing quotes in minutes
Central governance, approval routing, and globally enforceable policies
Quote history syncs to CRM and other enterprise systems to enable real-time collaboration and longitudinal analysis
Pi is cloud native for desktop and mobile and integrates with your Salesforce platform and other enterprise applications
Real-time data, analytics, and decision guidance across the globe

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