AI deployed in sales and distribution systems for the financial services industry

Use data and algorithms to respond to the unique needs of your clients.

Today’s Financial Services customers are demanding more personalization. Frontline representatives must shift their focus from individual products to solutions that fit their customers’ unique situations and financial goals. The OnCorps Financial Services Distribution solution helps distribution teams navigate this new strategy by leveraging the vast amount of internal, competitive, and market data available to them. Machine learning algorithms analyze the data and recommend next best actions, allowing distribution teams to efficiently and accurately target the right customers and deliver the best value.

How the solution works

Leverage data to improve targeting and results.

The solution pulls customer, industry, and competitor data from disparate sources into one central data repository. Machine learning algorithms analyze the data to segment potential clients, predict demand, and identify drivers of purchase. Next best action recommendations are presented to users in a prioritized work queue, along with suggested products and/or talking points. Users can accept or reject the algorithms’ recommendations and record the outcome of their actions, improving the solution and algorithms over time.

What the solution does

Our insights help meet the demand for personalized financial products.

Indentify the right prospects

Our algorithms find high-probability prospects using internal and third-party data and ranks them based on likelihood of close.

Reach out at the right time

The solution identifies trigger events that signal the right time to contact.

Optimize your outreach

Our nudge engine suggests offers to recommend, content to share, and talking points to utilize given the prospect’s unique profile and situation.

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