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Use AI to automatically read paper confirmations and reconcile them with trading systems

A groundbreaking AI to read paper confirms and match to trades

The OnCorps derivative confirmation AI system handles the end-to-end tracking of derivative confirmations. The system pulls attachments from broker email confirmations. As confirmation attachments are read and parsed by our app, the system immediately seeks a matching trading ticket in the system. If the AI finds a perfect match, the confirmation is queued under the Unconfirmed tab. These are confirmations perfectly matched awaiting confirmation. If the AI cannot find a match, it may be because a trade ticket has not yet been processed. It could also remain unmatched if the AI does not recognize the broker or confirmation document. In this case, the system tracks the case but the analyst must do the matching work themselves.

How the solution works

How we came to develop the system

We were asked by a major global asset manager if artificial intelligence could reduce the labor, time, and error rate for this critical risk management process. This has been the most complex system and AI we have produced. Once it was complete, our AI was able to perfectly match over 85 percent of derivative confirmations, boding well for reduced labor and time.

What the solution does

Our system promises to accelerate matching and confirming complex OTC derivative trades and confirms

Tracks all paper OTC confirms

Helps analysts with the cumbersome task of reading and matching paper contracts with trading systems

Speeds matching

The system electronically reads and converts paper confirmations then reconciles them with trading systems

Tracks communications

The system creates automatic messages to the asset manager trading desk or broker to resolve open issues

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