Operations Intelligence

Reconciliation & Accounting Oversight

We have developed risk and oversight systems for asset managers overseeing over $11 trillion in AUM

Save time and reduce risk with automation and AI in operations

OnCorps modernizes your financial services operations with automation, machine learning, and advanced data science. The solution seamlessly captures data, performs reconciliations and other calculations typically done manually, and analyzes your data with the help of machine learning algorithms and our dedicated Data Science team. Every decision is tracked within the solution, providing leadership with unparalleled visibility into their operational environment.

How the solution works

A series of mathematical checks are run daily. The algorithm learns to isolate anomalies and aids in root cause detection.

Centralize your process controls on a unified, intelligent platform

The solution automates data capture, tolerance checks, calculations, and reconciliations, eliminating time spent on repetitive manual tasks. Issues are presented to users in a prioritized work queue where they can be investigated and resolved all in one place. Machine learning algorithms are deployed to uncover patterns and trends in your data, providing suggestions to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your back and middle office operations.

What the solution does

Our algorithms unlock efficiencies across the middle and back office.

Reduce errors

Machine learning algorithms learn to predict the likelihood of a true error within your data and can learn to identify the root causes of errors so you can take action to reduce or eliminate them.

Save time

By automating manual tasks, the OnCorps’ solution frees up capacity for operations teams to focus on higher value activities.

Gain visibility

Many operations environments are a black box to leadership. The OnCorps solution records every click, equipping leaders with the data needed to understand their team, processes, and service providers.

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