Our AI has reduced operations hours by 90%

Financial operations are like data relay races. Data passes from party-to-party. Today’s way of running reconciliations is critically flawed. The search for errors focuses on flagging value differences. This is like looking at final race times to predict baton drops mid-race. Most labor hours are wasted chasing down these false positives. OnCorps has trained algorithms to reduce false positives and identify root causes of errors. Our AI is redefining performance in the financial sector - because the industry doesn't have a reconciliation problem, it has an explanation problem.

Pre-trained, pre-tested AI

Every trading day, firms with $12 trillion in assets are sharing OnCorps algorithms. We have over 20 algorithms in production. For five years, we have carefully trained, rigorously tested, and securely deployed middle- and back-office algorithms to assist the world’s largest financial firms. OnCorps’ platform allows its clients to benefit from the weights and probabilities of algorithms trained by the largest asset managers - without exposing private transaction data.

Groundbreaking Outcomes

We baseline and measure the impact of our AI regularly

Trusted by Leading Institutions

With over $2T AUM, PIMCO is a global leader in the investment management industry and forward-thinking in applying machine learning within investment operations. PIMCO selected the OnCorps platform to apply automation and AI to PIMCO’s OTC derivative confirmations and NAV oversight functions, with the goal of increasing efficiency and better predicting risk.
“We utilized OnCorps in select areas of our operations because of their deep expertise in machine learning and financial services operations. OnCorps moved quickly to solve a longstanding industry challenge in the OTC derivative confirmations process. We also believe that the OnCorps platform will enhance our fund NAV oversight.”

Josh Ratner, Head of Americas Operations for Pimco
The fund operations team at Natixis Investment Managers is responsible for over 575 funds. By applying AI, Natixis has created an automated, comprehensive analysis — resulting in time savings of 92% and fully eliminating one round of review, while generating a transparent audit trail.

Top 3 Asset Manager

For one of the world's largest asset managers, OnCorps provides global independent tracking of fund administrator activities. OnCorps algorithms also scan and error detect complex financial statements and regulatory reporting.

Why leading firms choose OnCorps

Smart Team
We assembled a top caliber team drawn from leading research universities and consultancies. Our founder is the former chief technology strategist from Accenture and was a research assistant to the 2005 Nobel laureate in economics while a graduate student at Harvard. We have several PhD's on staff from Harvard, MIT, and Penn.
Smart Machine
We run a platform that allows us to share pre-trained algorithms in specific industry domains like fixed income, expense accruals, and derivative products. We have productionized 27 algorithms ranging from NLP and LLM trained document parsing, to deep neural networks, and anomaly detection.  
Research Based AI
We have academic advisors from Yale, Harvard Business School, Oxford University, and Harvard Kennedy School. We have published 4 papers in the Harvard Business Review.
Premier Investors
We are backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Guggenheim Partners and the former chairman and CEO of State Street Bank.
Tested Algorithms
We run stringent performance and accuracy tests on our algorithms. We recently performed a "red team" exercise where we tested the algorithms with planted errors. The algorithm proved to be 94% accurate in identifying issues deemed valid by our customers.
Industry Recognized Awards
We received the 2019 Fintech Breakthrough Award for best banking software. That same year, we received the NICSA Nova award for innovation. In 2022, we were named a finalist in the MassChallenge Fintech cohort competition.
Highly Secure Platform
We invest heavily in security and compliance. Our platform has been SOC1 and ISO 27001 certified. We also maintain highly sophisticated machine learning platforms with fully traceable data lineage.