Our algorithms have achieved industry breakthroughs

At OnCorps, we focus solely on achieving tangible results with AI. This is possible because we use cross-disciplined teams of machine learning specialists, computer scientists, and industry experts. Moreover, we dedicate our time to specific industry use cases.

Average labor reduction in reconciliation and QA processes
Financial statement AI reduced labor and caught all errors
Reinforcement learning agent reduced time-to-pay in credit card collections
Behavioral AI detected eye glaze syndrome and reduced likelihood of  false positives
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How AI Can Reduce Labor in Operations

We are trusted by the world's leading financial firms

Our sophisticated platform and high-end team have earned the trust of market leading firms. The OnCorps team and platform were capable of meeting their demanding analytic, process, and security standards.

With over $2T AUM, PIMCO is a global leader in the investment management industry and forward-thinking in applying machine learning within investment operations. PIMCO selected the OnCorps platform to apply automation and AI to PIMCO’s OTC derivative confirmations and NAV oversight functions, with the goal of increasing efficiency and better predicting risk.
“We utilized OnCorps in select areas of our operations because of their deep expertise in machine learning and financial services operations. OnCorps moved quickly to solve a longstanding industry challenge in the OTC derivative confirmations process. We also believe that the OnCorps platform will enhance our fund NAV oversight.”

Josh Ratner, Head of Americas Operations for Pimco
The fund operations team at Natixis Investment Managers is responsible for over 575 funds. By applying AI, Natixis has created an automated, comprehensive analysis — resulting in time savings of 92% and fully eliminating one round of review, while generating a transparent audit trail.

Top 3 Asset Manager

For one of the world's largest asset managers, OnCorps provides global independent tracking of fund administrator activities. OnCorps algorithms also scan and error detect complex financial statements and regulatory reporting.

How it works

Our platform progressively learns from decisions

With OnCorps, people and machines inform one another. We see five progressive stages to solving complex operational problems with AI. This starts with ensuring data is in the right condition to make algorithms work. Then, the algorithms themselves must be constantly tested, compared, and validated. Finally, urging people to change behaviors is the capstone of our solutions. This rigorous approach, coupled with deep industry expertise, has produced substantial results.

Review exceptions
Run reconciliations
Observe relationships
Run regressions
Confirm root causes
Compare causal probabilities
counter action
Take action
Nudge recommended actions
Ingest data and docs
Validate data
Match and reconcile data
Review exceptions
Evaluate variables and reduce noise
Observe relationships
Compare causal probabilities
Confirm root causes
Detect behaviors and nudge
Take action

A premier team with significant accomplishments

Founder is a former research assistant to an Economics Prize Nobel Laureate. A scientific advisor is a referee for the Nobel Committee.
2 former associate partners. A director emeritus is an investor.
Several alums from Harvard College, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Kennedy School. 2 professors are scientific advisors.
Several graduates and PhDs.
4 published articles in Harvard Business Review on artificial intelligence and decision making.
A former Top 25 ranked consultant.
2 Oxford master's degrees. Head of the behavioral economics group is a scientific advisor.
A former Chief Technology Strategist and Chief Strategy Officer of the Technology Group. Several alums from the Technology Group. Former chairman is an investor.

Our research has been recognized by journals and industry associations

We focus heavily on building models based on scientific methods. That's why we partner with leading researchers at Yale, Harvard, and Oxford universities. We also regularly contribute to leading publications like the Harvard Business Review. This body of work has earned us industry awards and recognition.

OnCorps work has been published 4 times in Harvard Business Review
OnCorps works with Yale's Human Nature Lab combining game simulations with AI
Recipient of the 2019 NOVA Award for Innovation in Technology by NICSA
Recipient of the 2019 Award for Best Banking Infrastructure Software
Finalist in the MassChallenge Fintech 2022 Cohort Competition
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