Five Costly AI Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As financial firms invest in AI, smooth integration into investment operations remains a challenge. OnCorps, with ten years of AI experience, has insights into common mistakes during early adoption.

️This webinar is designed to:

  1. Help you avoid the most common mistakes
  2. Provide a guide for making smarter AI investment decisions

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AI Strategies for Real Returns in Middle and Back Office Operations in 2024

Practical AI vs Hype: Explore advancements that matter most in financial operations.

AI Project Strategy: Effective implementation strategies that will boost ROI and reduce costs for financial operations teams in 2024.

OnCorps’ Role: Discover how we lead the way with AI for the world’s largest asset managers and custodian banks with pre-trained algorithms.

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Future of Fund Accounting

Historical Perspective: From Manual Oversight to Machine Learning

  • The challenges of generating accurate accounting
  • The shift from manual, threshold-based systems to machine learning

Present Revolution: The Power of Machine Learning and Generative AI

  • How generative AI is reshaping fund accounting
  • AI Demo - See generative AI's ability to engage directly with data, identify fund shifts, and resolve discrepancies

Glimpse into the Future: The Next Frontier in Fund Accounting

  • Delve into the future implications of these advancements for asset managers and service providers

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