Case Study

Pricing AI


Most pricing of complex deals are managed on spreadsheets. This presents several challenges to large, global firms:

  • Can't centrally control pricing and margin. Because the spreadsheets are decentralized, it is impossible for leaders to make rapid changes to pricing and enforce margins on deals being priced.
  • Difficult to track and control major customer pricing agreements. For large organizations, some pricing teams are unaware or have difficulty accessing the most recent pricing agreements with each major customer.
  • Difficult to integrate pricing proposal data with sales systems. Teams must often redundantly key in the priced proposals to the sales systems because the spreadsheets often cannot be uploaded easily to the CRM.
  • Spreadsheet pricing methods are out of compliance with ISO. It is difficult to convince auditors that decentral spreadsheet methods are consistent with the standards required for ISO certification.

The team at OnCorps built a central, mobile based pricing solution from the ground up for global teams managing complex pricing proposals. The system manages pricing real-time in 70 countries, handling currencies and local pricing tables. In addition, the system manages the many different pricing agreements from major accounts. The tool lets users create and compare pricing scenarios and see the margin differences. Finally, as teams refine their pricing scenarios, the tool automatically generates standard quote letters. The tool integrates with Salesforce CRM to accelerate profitable growth and provides real-time margin visibility to finance & pricing leaders.

How It Works

The pricing tool is setup by country. It therefore contains the pricing tables, currencies, and procedures required in each domicile. Once the pricing tool is opened, the pricing team ses up a one or more scenario pricing combinations to respond to their prospect's requests. Each scenario automatically pulls data from the most recent pricing tables. Uniquely, the system auto-approves pricing proposals that meet the firm's margin requirements. This significantly reduces approval times and often provides our customers an edge in quick pricing.

As illustrated below, dashboards in our system highlight the progress on pricing.


The pricing tool is now being used globally every day across 163 countries.

$26 billion
Revenue priced
Countries supported
Quotes priced monthly
Currencies supported

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