Our Commitment to Responsible AI & Innovation

Our Ethical AI Framework

OnCorps’ use of data and AI is informed by our desire to foster trust for all of OnCorps’ stakeholders and we have adopted this set of Data and AI Ethics Principles to promote trustworthiness in our continuous design, development, and deployment of artificial intelligence.The core principles in our approach to AI Ethics and Security focus on our desire to respect individuals’ privacy, establish strong security around the data we use and minimize the risk of errors and unintended malicious use of our algorithms. 

Principles in Practice

Privacy and Security: We commit to protecting the data we use for training our algorithms, following stringent data protection protocols.

Error Minimization and Fair Use: We ensure our AI solutions are reliable, promote responsible decisions, and involve humans meaningfully to prevent misuse.

Transparency and Accountability: Our tools are designed for responsible use, fostering AI understanding, and allowing stakeholders to challenge outcomes. We provide performance metrics for transparency.

Collaborating for Ethical Innovation

OnCorps seeks partnerships with individuals and organizations sharing our ethical stance on data and AI. We believe these collaborations will help us create trustworthy, effective AI solutions for our customers.