Advanced AI for Financial Operations

Targeted solutions built to meet the needs of the largest global institutions

Oi Derivatives

AI-enabled document parsing, trade matching, and break handling transforms OTC derivative post-trade processing.

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Oi Recon & Oversight

Robust oversight and control of fund accounting using intelligent automation and machine learning algorithms.

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Oi Reporting

PDF-parsing + reconciliation ensures accuracy of reports.

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Oi Exceptions

Learning to reduce false positives when performing complex trading reconciliations.

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Complex operations demand sophisticated AI solutions

There is a transaction chain spanning multiple parties and books of record
This creates a need to manually reconcile transactions from multiple systems
We develop and deploy pre-trained expert agents trained by the largest financial services firms
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We integrate three languages to deliver sophisticated solutions

Our systems automate work while learning from decisions

The promise of intelligent operations is already here

Average labor reduction in reconciliation and QA processes
Financial statement AI reduced labor and caught all errors